Austin 'Tay' Iornongu Iwar (born June 9, 1997), better known as Tay Iwar, is a Nigerian recording artist, singer-songwriter, sound engineer and record producer. Raised in Lagos and Abuja, he began creating music at age fourteen. After Co-creating Bantu Collective in 2013, Tay released his debut compilation, 'Passport', in April 2014. Although it was under promoted and performed poorly upon its release, the album became a sleeper hit and helped Tay garner commercial standing.


Tay Iwar was born in Marina, Lagos, Nigeria and lived there for 12 years before moving to Abuja. He is one of three sons born to Nigerian parents. At a young age, Tay was introduced to music by his parents who insisted all his children attend classical music school. His parents musical tastes, including, jazz, soul, blues, reggae and his brothers interest in hip/hop all influenced Tay at a young age.


At age 10, Tay considered becoming a lawyer. However, at 13 he began playing the guitar and soon realised a career in music was.  At 15, he was writing songs and developing ideas with a guitar his father got him. In the ninth grade, Tay was introduced to fruity loops production software by a classmate, he subsequently spent most of senior high school learning his way around recording and music production before leaving Nigeria to study Audio Engineering.